Priya Kanneboyina


My artwork in this collection represents the mix of emotions that I have explored and felt during my teenage years. Utilizing overlays, repetition, and obscure images, I try to evoke feelings which I have felt but cannot quite place into words. Instead, I place images into my personal emotional contexts using phrases and specific colors. I specifically try to use vague phrases to open up the work to different interpretations within the certain base feelings the pieces emote. The phrases are derived in part from the images but also from snippets of conversations I have had with others.

Within my work, I rely on people’s introspection and the zeitgeist of human emotion which contains unexplainable sadness, anger, and confusion. My frame of reference is not from a certain time, culture, or country, but rather from brief flashes of overwhelming feelings in certain moments of life. I choose to focus on teenage emotion, as that is not only what I currently experience, but also what I have the most experience with.

Priya Kanneboyina is a 17 year old writer, artist, and student. She is currently a senior in high school in the DMV area. She enjoy writing poetry, particularly writing to experiment with multiple forms of expressing her most consuming and laborious emotions. When she is not writing, she spends much of her time with her dog, Luke.